It comes as no surprise that Arby's has the meats. 

They have everything from pork to chicken to roast beef!  And one man in Oklahoma City says that he came "from the future" just to get his hands on those delicious meats!

On Friday, Dante Anderson ran into and Arby's, pushed the manager to the side and then stole some food. Anderson claimed that he was from the year 2020 and that that is how they feed themselves in the future. He also claimed that there were no survivors besides him and that he walked all the way to Arby's from the year 2020.

Now, we don't know a lot about time travel, but we’re pretty sure that you can’t just walk from the future to the past. But who knows? Maybe we’re way off on this.

Anderson was arrested on charges of robbery, assault and destruction of property because he also kicked some cars before he went into Arby’s during his rampage.

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