Watain established themselves as leaders in the Black Metal scene with the release of their last record, Lawless Darkness and they're now set to solidify their position at the top with the new album The Wild Hunt.

I, for one, thought Lawless Darkness was the shot in the arm Black Metal needed as I didn't find myself as consumed by the releases of the leading bands in the genre at the time. The disc had a very traditional, old-school feel to it, but something about it seemed very fresh at the time. A lot of the Black Metal that was coming out around the same time as Lawless Darkness was over-produced and much less memorable than the music that came out around the turn of the millennium and Watain kind of rekindled the Black Metal fire for me.

Frontman Erik Danielsson dialed the BuzzLine to talk to me about the importance of delivering a solid album in the wake of the success of Lawless Darkness, his take on "tongue-in-cheek Satanists", the legal ramifications of ritual sacrifices and more. Listen to our conversation below.

Erik Danielsson - Watain Interview Part I

Erik Danielsson - Watain Interview Part II

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