How 'bout this dude!

82-year-old John Hetlinger took a turn on the America's Got Talent stage the other day and he wasn't feelin' Sinatra or any of that stuff.

Nope, that night called for the man to unleash his inner Dave Williams and belt out a cover of Drowning Pool's 'Bodies' upon a crowd that expected him to do anything other than get up there and scream at 'em. And they loved it.

John, a retired Navy Pilot and a retired program manager for the instrument that repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, first shared his rock talents with his karaoke version of 'Bodies' at The Glenn a couple of years back.

My man rocked that karaoke stage like it was OzzFest '99. For a minute there I thought he might even attempt a good old-fashioned stage dive.

And then I remembered he's only like six inches off the deck, and since there's no one there to catch him, a hip replacement would likely be in order shortly afterward. So yeah, maybe next time.