The 12 Days of Christmas Cash Scavenger Hunt contest is on! Every weekday Dec 8-19 we'll hide our elf somewhere in Wichita Falls and it's your job to find it, bring it back to us and we'll hook you up with $400 cash for the holidays!

Visit our 12 Days of Christmas Cash contest page for details about how to play and win!

Here are the winners so far.

  • Day 1

    Whitnee Rivers


    Location: Under the bridge behind Kay Yeager Coliseum

    Clues: #1 - Jagermeister logo. #2 - Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge.

  • Day 2

    Terri Woeller




  • Day 3

    Jonathan Hooper


    Location: Lake Wichita Park tucked up under the covered pit area of the RC Airpark.

    Clues: #1 - Drew's ice bucket challenge video at Lake Wichita. #2 - Can of RC Cola.

  • Day 4

    Thomas Newell


    Location: South Weeks Park fishing pond inside a v-shaped tree.

    Clues: #1 - Snoopy fishing. #2 - Character from V for Vendetta.

  • Day 5

    Heather Bednarz


    Location: At the skate park on Maurine Street stuffed inside a saltine cracker box inside a drainage pipe.

    Clues: #1 - Ironman (Tony Stark) with a hawk perched on his arm. #2 - A smoking pipe on a table next to several saltine crackers

  • Day 8

    Brittany Barbosa


    Location: At the top of the Lake Wichita dam near the new dock under a few small rocks.

    Clues: #1 - Oregon State beavers. #2 - Image from the Doc Hollywood movie poster.

  • Day 9

    Eric Rodriguez


    Location: Behind a metal beam at the base of the Ohio Street bridge at Berend's Landing.

    Clues: #1 - Airplane landing with word 'Berend' on the side. #2 - Ohio state marching band.

  • Day 10

    Kendrick Jones


    Location: Up in an evergreen tree in the middle of Sunset Terrace park in City View

    Clues: #1 - Coin operated binoculars to view the city. #2 - A sun setting over a terrace.

  • Day 11

    Kenneth Crank


    Location: Inside several orange traffic cones at the entrance to the Little League fields near Memorial Stadium.

    Clues: #1 - Florida A&M University 1978 NCAA 1-AA National Championship (game was played at Memorial Stadium). #2 - "3.45 mi" written in little orange text (3.45 miles = 1 league).

  • Day 12

    Gloria Jimenez


    Location: Under a trash can near the log cabin at Lucy Park

    Clues: #1 - An outhouse (loo) with a 'C' on the door. #2 - A penny (Abe Lincoln born in a log cabin or Lincoln logs)