We would like to think that we know who our favorite actors really are, but who we see on the big screen and who we meet in real life are usually two completely different people.

So here are ten facts about your favorite celebrities that you didn't know. Some are pretty surprising, others are just a little awkward. Check it out for yourself and let us know if any of these facts really surprised you in the comment section below.

Photo by Liaison

1. Johnny Depp is terrified of clowns.

2. Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 POUNDS of cocaine and served two years in jail. Disney actually had to make an exception to their policy to let him star in "The Santa Clause."

3. Steve Buscemi, star of "Boardwalk Empire," worked as a New York City firefighter, from 1980 to 1984.

4. Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond movie he appeared in.

5. Elvis was a natural blond.  He began dying his hair black in high school.

6. Bill Murray was arrested on his 20th birthday at a Chicago airport for trying to smuggle 10 POUNDS of marijuana onto a plane.  It was worth $20,000.

Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities

7. Jim Carrey and his entire family lived out of a Volkswagen camper while working janitorial jobs when he was just a teenager.

8. Nicolas Cage once did mushrooms with his cat. He also bought an octopus to help his acting. We're still not sure if it's worked yet.

9. R. Kelly is a victim of illiteracy.  He has said in the past, "The only reason I graduated from grammar school is because I had a great jump shot."

10. Sylvester Stallone's first acting job was for a soft-core porno called "Party at Kitty and Stud's," which was later re-released under the title "Italian Stallion" when he hit it big.