A woman in Tennessee is having a bad week. While driving down the road the other day, she saw a black cat crossing the street. Superstitious about black cats, she marked an “X” on her windshield with her fingers. Unlucky for her, the action caused her to lose control of her vehicle, and she ended up wrecking her vehicle.

Apparently the “X” is supposed to cancel out the unlucky nature of the demon cat who was simply crossing the street? For Kelly Schaffer, the superstitious driver, it must have not worked, because after losing control of her vehicle, she drove through a yard and then head-on into another vehicle.

To add insult to injury, Schaffer was taken to the hospital, only to be released with charges of having no license or insurance.

Maybe she created her own bad luck. Isn’t it illegal to drive without a license or insurance? Oh, right… it’s the cat’s fault.

All I know is this: My lovely feline friend, Dippy, who is pictured above, was sitting in my lap today while I scratched off a $20 winning scratch-off ticket. I’ve never made an “X” mark upon seeing her, but rather chased her down to pet her silky fur. If anything, Dippy is the unlucky one because she’s deaf and can’t hear all the baby talk I throw her way. Unlucky? I don’t think so.

Are you afraid of a black cat crossing your path?