If anyone wants to pay me to sit at a bar and taste test beer all day, I would not complain.

The guys over at Buzzfeed got wine expert, Whitney Adams to taste test some cheap beers and get her opinion on them. Lets be honest we have all been there at some point where we cant afford the premiere beer names so we have to go with a cheaper knockoff. I had a point in my life where keystone light was the beer of choice, mainly because it was all I could afford.

I guess Whitney Adams has a really strong nose because I do not know what the hell she is smelling when she sniffs these beers. Pabst Blue Ribbon smells like apples. Really? By the way Shiner is considered a cheap beer? I guess maybe in other states besides Texas. Also Zigenbock is a better beer than Shinerbock, yeah I said it.

Watch a Wine Expert Review Cheap Beer Below: