A new survey has revealed which city has the highest demand for tacos and it shouldn't be a big surprise that the top five taco loving cities are all right here in Texas.

Maybe it's because of our close proximity to Mexico or just because tacos are delicious, either way it's pretty obvious Texan's love tacos.

The survey used Yelp! to determine how many restaurants in a city serve tacos, Facebook to figure out how many people in a certain city are interested in tacos and finally Google Trends to learn which area had the most taco related searches.

After compiling all of the data they gathered, the website was able to determine which cities are the most obsessed with tacos.

Arlington found it's way to the top of the list as the most taco obsessed city in all of America followed closely by Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, in that order.

So we love tacos done here in the South, no big surprise. But what about those no good Yankees to the North? Well it turns out they're not as fond of Mexico's delicious gift to world as we are.

Philadelphia, Boston and New York City rounded out the bottom three as the least taco obsessed cities in the U.S.

You can check out the entire list plus a cool, easy to read map by clicking this link. No wait, click this ONE.