Americans eat tons of fast food, literally. So it’s about time someone determined who had the best fast food in the business.

Business Insider’s recent survey even separated the best fast food chains into separate categories such as best burger, best fries, best pizza… You get the picture.

So check out the results below and let us know whether you agree or not in the comment section below.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Best Burger - Wendy’s Classic BurgerWendy’s classic burger scored 34% of the votes, beating out Burger King’s Whopper (26%) and McDonald’s Big Mac (24%). Rounding out the top five was Carl Jr.’s Famous Star burger (10%) and White Castle Sliders (6%).

Best Pizza – Papa John’s (34%)

This one was tough with Papa John’s pizza pulling ahead of Pizza Hut (31%) and Domino’s (29%) and absolutely crushing Little Caesar’s (6%).

Best Chicken Sandwich/ Nuggets - Chick-fil-A (57% and 48%)

Of course the restaurant that only sells chicken has the best chicken sandwich. Maybe it’s just their secret recipe but whatever it is, it’s delicious. The sandwich beat Wendy’s Spicy Chicken (26%), McDonald’s McChicken (9%) and KFC Chicken Littles (10%) while their nuggets beat McDonald’s (31%), Wendy’s (18%) and Burger King (4%).

Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Best Fries – McDonald’s (57%)

Everybody around the world loves McDonald’s fries so it’s no surprise their classic recipe crushed the competition. Arby’s Curling fries finished a distant second with 17%, Wendy’s received 14% and Burger King landed 11% of the votes.

Best Fried Chicken – KFC (36%)Best Sub – Subway (37%)

Best Coffee – Starbucks (49%)

Best Milkshake – Dairy Queen (57%)

Best Donut – Krispy Kreme (54%)

Best Breakfast – McDonald’s (53%)

Best Condiments – Chick-fil-A (37%)

Best Quick Mexican – Chipotle (58%)

Best Hangover Food- Chipotle (34%)