It's been nearly twenty years since the death of Kurt Cobain yet his memory is still strong, especially in Virginia, where they are apparently twenty years behind when it comes to news.

A self-proclaimed Nirvana fan from Virginia Tech recently wrote to Sub Pop (they signed Nirvana before they hit it big),  requesting that Nirvana make a video to support a campaign bid for homecoming queen and according to the letter "It would simply be 'What's up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LETS GO HOKIES!"

The student who wrote the letter claims to be the school mascot and said that if Nirvana was to submit a video, they would be one of many artists to contribute to the project, a list that includes Big & Rich, Ying Yang Twins, the Cataracs, Slightly Stoopid and "three famous NFL Players."

So is this kid for real? They continue to embarrass him/herself in the letter, going on to say that the video would "provide great publicity" for Nirvana and even going so far as to call Nirvana a "her." So this person may have no idea what their talking about, or they came up with a genius way to stir up a little internet buzz.

Sub Pop, who initially received the letter, tweeted "This person could just be pulling an elaborate ruse on us — the joke tables could very well turn." The label went on to confirm that the missive, if real, was definitely a form letter, filled in without regard to whether the bands in question actually existed.

There hasn't been an official response from Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, or Pat Smear, the surviving Nirvana members, but it would be cool for them to make a quick little video for the school, just so the author of the letter doesn't look like a complete dumb ass. The team at Sub Pop put together a little video of them imitating Nirvana, although no one really cares.