While Vince Vaughn was on Saturday Night Live, he introduced a product that could be of help to anyone who’s ever used the bathroom. If you dropped the kids off at the pool and now you’re ashamed for anyone to enter the room behind you, the “Bathroom Cobra” is a perfect solution!

The concept is simple. After you’ve done your dirty and stinky deed, you simply unleash the Bathroom Cobra in the room, which prevents anyone from entering. One look at an irritated snake is enough to send anyone looking for another place to relieve themselves. Getting the snake back into the bag might be a little tougher than letting him out, but at least your significant other won’t be looking at you with those knowing eyes.

The Bathroom Cobra is perfect for anyone, especially those in the early stages of a relationship when you hit those make-or-break moments. See a demonstration of the product below.