All the technology in the world and we're using it to watch fish fight each other in Street Fighter. This is the future we have all been waiting for. is an amazing website that lets people livestream their video games. I may spend a little too much time on this website from time to time. However, this livestream has been cracking me up the past few days. Fish playing Street Fighter.

Depending on which part of the tank a fish is in, it will send a different key press to the game. Aquarius(Orange Fish) sends key presses for Player 1, and Robert the Bruce(Blue Fish) sends key presses for Player 2. So if they go to one of those nine quadrants on the screen they send a command. Whether it is moving, punching or kicking. You get the idea.

The stream started on Monday Aquarius has taken both Monday and Wednesday for most wins that day. Robert the Bruce was able to successfully take Tuesday. We will have to see what happens today. If you want to check in throughout the day you can always come back here, until the guy decides to shutoff the stream.

Watch Fish Fight in Street Fighter Below: