Yodeling Cat was a video that made a splash last holiday season when he made his way onto Wal Mart's YouTube channel. Sure, in the end it's an advertisement, but nearly 3 million people have seen the video, so it must have been worth watching. It was pasted to my Facebook page at least twice, and I still laugh when I watch it. When you view it again, you'll realize that no holiday season is complete without Yodeling Cat.

If you really look closely, you'll see that the cat in question is probably just irritated to be wearing a Santa hat, which is likely the reason they got some of the fabulous facial expressions in this video. Regardless, viewers have left comments on this clip that state he's the best cat ever and that he's hilarious, whereas others think it's creepy. One user even wrote that it's fake.

Um, Yodeling Cat is 100% real, duh.

Start your season off the right way and enjoy the (real) Yodeling Cat!