These Monkeys Will Give You Nightmares! [VIDEO]
Holy Monkeys! Call 'em apes, chimps, monkeys or whatever...they're coming to mess your sh@t up! This is the reason for remakes. These monkeys look so real and so intelligent it freaks me out. This is the best trailer I've seen so far for the movie...
Zombie Sluts From Hell [VIDEO]
I have Netflix On Demand for my computer and Wii. In a lot of ways the service can be disappointing, you're really not dealing with a lot of A+ material, but every once in a while you score big. More details after the jump.
Yellow Brick Road-Trailer [VIDEOS]
Man I like this concept. AMC Theaters teams up a horror website and they put a cool, sometimes indie horror movie in all it's theaters once a month. Correct me if I'm wrong though, none of the theaters around here are AMC. Read more after the jump.
Splice Review
A lot of you are like me, combing the depths of Netflix and OnDemand channels getting caught up on movies you may have missed. Since "Splice" was a pretty hi-profile sci-fi movie I decided to give it a chance. Check out the results after the jump.
Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night [VIDEO]
This one has come in a bit under the radar (mostly due to the horrible title). This is my cup of tea however; I love it when they mix horror with comedy. This one appears to have it all: zombies, vampires, werewolves, and even demons oh my. It hits theaters April 29th. Check out the trailer af…
The Truth About Zombies [VIDEO]
I'm pretty excited about this book. Much like "World War Z" and the "Zombie Survival Guide" the "Zombie Autopsies" treats Zombies with a bit more of a scientific tact. Read more after the jump.