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Havok Debuts PSA (AKA Music Video) For “D.O.A.”
Just in time for the holidays, a time most hellraising adults use as an excuse to get even more hammered than usual, Havok have released the video for "D.O.A.". Not that we don't know the dangers (or legal ramifications) of drunk-driving but sometimes a little metal-infused refresher …
1349 In The Raw [VIDEO]
Aline at Metal Injection recently scored a rare, in-depth interview with Ravn and Frost of Norwegian black metal badasses 1349.

I love seeing what is considered one of the truest of black metal bands in this day and age in such a stripped-down, honest manner. As a result of the entire aesthetic of …
How About Some Big 4 Live [VIDEO]
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Thanks to the folks at Metal Injection for this footage of the Big 4 live in Milan, Italy doing a cover of Misfits "Die Die Die My Darling" back on July 6th.
At Long Last…A Video Interview With Ghost
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Metal Injection was fortune enough to score a video interview with the band of the moment, Ghost when they played New York City's Webster Hall on June 1, 2011. As most folks know, I'm really into this band so this was a nice little treat for me...
I Wanna Live On Danzig’s Block, Bitch
I gotta give MAJOR PROPS to Metal Injection for unearthing this jewel. It would appear that Glenn Danzig is in fact as crazy as he appears and probably isn't the best neighbor in the world. More after the jump. *LOTS OF PROFANITY*