Aline at Metal Injection recently scored a rare, in-depth interview with Ravn and Frost of Norwegian black metal badasses 1349.

I love seeing what is considered one of the truest of black metal bands in this day and age in such a stripped-down, honest manner. As a result of the entire aesthetic of Norwegian black metal I get a visual in my head of these beastly Satan-loving dudes from another realm who are actually just good old-fashioned headbangers like yours truly who just happen to throw on a little corpsepaint and pigs blood to run around the woods for a cool photo shoot from time to time.

If you're new to or have never listened to my metal show The Oath I've gotta tell ya I'm a huge fan of the band's distinct style of brutal black metal so I pretty much gobble up what little bit of 1349 info I come across. In this in-depth interview, the guys come across quite the opposite as they do in their photo shoots (well...pretty much everyone puts up a front when in front of the camera for that matter) in that they seem very cool, quiet and unassuming.

Look for the limited edition box set of their latest album Demonoir November 25 here in the US of A.