Another 15 Famous Hotties Over 45
In what has apparently become a yearly tradition, it is time to take a look at 15 famous hotties over the age of 45 who prove that beauty doesn't have an expiration date.
15 More Famous Hotties Over 45
Last year we gave you a list of 15 famous hotties over 45 that you wouldn't kick out of bed.  Let's be honest, a single list of 15 beautiful women over 45 just won't cover the wide array of famous beautiful older women, so a second list was nothing short of a necessity.
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15 Famous Hotties Over 45 You Wouldn’t Kick Out Of Bed
Here are some famous beauties who are more than a match for the younger babes you see on a daily basis here. If you say you wouldn't take a stab at getting with any of the women on the list, you're either only into dudes, or you're a lying liar who lies.
Elizabeth Taylor Nude [PIC-NSFW]
Probably all you guys know of Elizabeth Taylor is those skanky White Diamond ads, or maybe you saw a clip of Cleopatra. We've go here buck nekkid at age 24 after the jump.