I am always willing to try a new place to grab a cold one and this weekend I went to The Broken Tap in downtown Wichita Falls.

I really believe our downtown area has a lot of potential. I would want some nice upscale apartments put in and maybe we can have a nice area with with a ton of bars. Yes, I want an entire street of bars. Sort of like 6th street in Austin and I feel like we could have a smaller version of that somewhere downtown.

So I was glad to see a new bar open up downtown. The Broken tap is the perfect place to grab a cold beer. They have a big front bar with a huge space, nice big bar top and a pool table. If you are a huge fan of the TV show 'Bar Rescue' you will notice a cool jukebox that he puts into his bars that have the ability to play music videos. Well Wichita Falls, we finally got one of these bad boys installed. Definitely tested it out with some Rob Zombie on Saturday night, yes it worked.

The Broken Tap also has a nice back room with another bar for those busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They have a ping pong table and dart board back there for you as well. The one thing that EVERY bar needs to do is have this computer system installed like they do at The Broken Tap. If I start a tab with the front bar, I can order a beer from the back bar. I know a few other bars around town that do this, but I assure you more bars need this.

The Broken Tap is located at 811 Indiana Avenue in downtown Wichita Falls. Go hit up my girl Stacy for some of the friendliest service in Wichita Falls. Great, its 10 in the morning on a Monday when I am writing this and I want a beer.