I have lived in Wichita Falls for the past seven years and have visited just about every bar in town. Here are some of my favorite places to go grab a cold one.

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    P2 The Deuce

    1409 Lamar Street

    The first bar I ever went to in Wichita Falls has a sentimental place in my heart. It was also the bar that when everyone got out of class we headed to. Seriously back in the day at 2 o'clock when everyone got out of class at MSU we would all head to P2. It used to have a way rowdier atmosphere back then, but still an amazing bar to go hang out in. They also serve some amazing food. The essential Wichita Falls meal is steak on garlic with a red draw. If you haven't had that yet, you have not been to Wichita Falls and I don't care how long you have lived here. Also if this somehow gets to the owners of P2, don't ever think of taking Zigenbock off the taps ever again.

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    Whiskeyta Club

    3709 Gregory St

    The most knowledgeable staff in Wichita Falls hands down. Seriously, go in there and throw out some suggestions of stuff you like to drink and they will make you something awesome. This is one of the few bars in town I know that serves Arrogant Bastard and I absolutely love that beer. They also have over 100 different whiskeys you can try. If you try them all you get a plaque with your picture on it. No drunk a**, you can't drink them all in one sitting. They have a card behind the bar that they check off when you drink one. Also go see my main man Robbie, hands down the best bartender in Wichita Falls.

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    Lazy Dog Saloon

    316 N Scott Ave

    Awesome place to go relax with your best friend on a nice day. When I say best friend, I mean your dog. That's right your dog is welcome at the Lazy Dog Saloon and I was blown away by this. You mean my fat bulldog whose name is Bruce Wayne is welcome here? That's awesome. Having a cold beer, shooting some pool and hanging out with your dog is an awesome time. They also have some amazing happy hour specials.

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    2617 Plaza Pkwy

    The best place for the college crowd to go to. No, seriously I used to walk to Toby's when I lived on campus. Yeah a bar walking distance from your apartment is always a good thing. They have a good variety of bottled beers with some daily shot specials. Also you have to play at least one game of shuffleboard when you go. I have played shuffleboard at several bars around town, but Toby's has the best table. I remember when I was in college no matter what bar we went to that night, we always had to go to Toby's before 2 to have one beer.

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    Fast Eddy's

    1505 Southwest Pkwy

    If you enjoy a nice game of pool you got to go hit up Fast Eddy's. This was a tough decision picking between Fat Albert's and Fast Eddy's. They both have Zigenbock on tap, which EVERY BAR in Texas should have. However, at Fast Eddy's you can get a tower of Zigenbock so that is why they won. At Fast Eddy's you don't have to keep throwing quarters into the pool table, you pay by the hour which I love. Try to hit them up during the week because on the weekend the prices go up.