The story nerds everywhere have been telling to each other for years, but where is this mysterious landfill.

Atari what many people consider to be the true grandaddy of home console game market. Yes, I am aware several other game companies had other consoles out before the 2600. In my opinion, it was the first huge success for the home console market. So how does Atari go from the top of the world, to a huge failure?

Many people point to when they gave millions of dollars to Universal to produce E.T. for the Atari 2600. This is considered by many to be the worst video game of all time. I owned a 2600 at one point in my life and actually played E.T. It is just terrible, the objective is to collect pieces of a telephone so E.T. can phone home. Good luck trying to play this piece of crap without dying or falling into a random hole every two seconds.

When Atari produced E.T. they actually made more cartridges than their were Atari consoles out in the market. So what many people speculate to be millions of E.T. cartridges went unsold and sat in a warehouse. Until late one night when Atari ordered that all of the cartridges be sent into a landfill somewhere in New Mexico. No one knows if this is a rumor or a real story. Someone wants to find out.

Lightbox Interactive wants to unearth the E.T. cartridges for a documentary that would appear on the Xbox One. Unfortunately New Mexico officials are preventing the dig. It looks like once the dig gets approved we are all going to find out if the rumors were true all these years about the dreaded E.T. cartridges.