Some more fuel was put to the fire for the Redskins to change their team name to something else because a few people will not use the name when announcing the games this season.

I am predicting within the next five years the Redskins will have a different name on their uniforms. In case you missed the public relations nightmare of #RedskinsPride that totally blew up in their face, it is looking like more and more people will not allow the Redskins to just quietly keep their name. Two prominent announcers have voiced their opinions on the situation and said they will just say the Washington team.

Phil Simms who broadcasts on CBS and Tony Dungy who does pregame for NBC. ''My very first thought is it will be Washington the whole game,'' Simms told The Associated Press on Monday. The Redskins will be playing the Giants on September 25th and Simms will be broadcasting that game on CBS. ''I will personally try not to use Redskins and refer to them as Washington,'' Dungy said in an email. ''Personal opinion for me, not the network.''

Many people have come out with some new team name ideas. I think the Washington Warriors is a good idea, but I am not a fan of using the same name that another professional sports team uses (Golden State Warriors). This name change is going to happen whether Dan Snyder likes it or not.