I am team Cuban on this one. I am getting a My Little Pony Mavericks logo tattooed on me, which team did you think I was going to be on?

What would make Fat Joe want to punch Mark Cuban? Is he a Heat fan and is still bitter over that championship? Nah, that Heat "fanbase" is gone now that Lebron has left. Apparently Fat Joe and Mark Cuban were in an intense bidding war for some Air Jordan sneakers.

In fact it was a collection of the shoes from version one to twenty three. The bidding got to over half a million dollars and Fat Joe had to back out. Turns out the person who won the shoes was Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. Now, Fat Joe says, he wasn't as upset that Cuban won the auction as he was with what happened next.

"He goes up to me," the the sneaker aficionado recalls, "And he tells me, 'Fat Joe, guess what?' I said, What? He said, 'I'm gonna throw it in my closet with the rest of the stuff.' I wanted to punch Mark Cuban in the face. You motherf---er.' I'm over here thinking, 'This is it. This is like the Picasso of sneakers.'"

Check Out Fat Joe's Recount of the Story at the 6:20 Mark Below: