Last Saturday the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center hosted An Evening With Women cancer prevention fundraiser with host Kathy Griffin. But that's not the big story. The prince of darkness himself showed up and played a few songs including hits from his solo career and a few famous Black Sabbath songs. He wasn't joined by the rest of Black Sabbath though, instead his backing group for the night included members of Camp Freddy and Billy Idol's band, such as guitarist Steve Stevens, Billy Morrison, Keyboardist Derek Sherinian and Black Sabbath touring drummer Tommy Clufetos.

His performance was great but the thing most people are talking about is the fact that he walked the red carpet that night with his wife, Shannon Osbourne and their daughter. Only a couple months ago it had been reported that the couple had been staying in separate houses after Ozzy suffered a relapse into drugs and alcohol, but it seems now that the couple is back under the same roof since Ozzy has reportedly beensober for more than two months.

So did Ozzy play the benefit as a sign of love and respect towards Shannon? She had a battle with colon cancer several years ago that Ozzy says was unexpected and frighting. "It's always someone else. You never really think it's gonna happen to you. It's like, across the road or down the street or something. To be honest with you, the first month when (inaudible), I was like, I'd never known anyone that had been diagnosed with that that had recovered. But then I went to my doctor one day and he said to me, 'I had colon cancer 10 years ago and I got over it, you know.' He was the first guy that ever gave me hope," Ozzy said.