They certainley are doing their best to whip us into a frenzy for “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Some people have already been treated to the first six minutes of the film (and that should leak to the web soon).  There are big questions about the storyline for this movie, like how does “Catwoman” fit in, and just how bad is the battle with Bane going to be.  More and the full size picture after the jump. I don’t have any “real” spoilers, but I have some guesses next.

Even people that just have a passing interest in Batman history know that Bane broke Batman’s back in the comics (forcing a “new” Batman to wear the suit).  Could this be the storyline of the new “Batman”?  Could this be the reason for Joseph Gorden-Levitt’s character?  Could he actually put on the Batsuit?  One thing we pretty much know, even though the poster says “The Legend Ends”, it’s not the end of Batman, just the end of this trilogy.  Check out the pic below.