Only Maynard could sport the Indian head rag and still rock your ass! Along with an APC tour, his new baby, Puscifer, his Vineyard in Arizona, and a new TOOL album in the works, MJK is all over the place!Maynard is, to say the least, a quite peculiar person indeed, and it shows through 10 fold in his musical treats. Ive been a TOOL fanatic for a long time now and when 10,000 days hit, I thought that would be the last of TOOL. Its been 5 and a half years since they delivered, but we are inching closer to new material. In a recent interview with LoudWire, MJK was grilled in depth about his future, and in true Keenen fashion, we get want he wants to give us. Danny, Adam, and Justin have been in the studio working up the chops for the new album, and MJK states that when they get what they want musically, he will come in and lay down his part. Through the course of the interview, he seems almost uninterested in TOOL anymore these days? I sure hope thats not the case! I need a new TOOL fix and I need it soon DAMMIT! No title or track listing in the works, but if they say they are working up new stuff, well I guess we just need to take their word. In the meantime check out the full interview and catch up on where Maynards head is at.