Someone put a camera inside a Hula Hoop and recorded it going around while someone Hula Hooped. It is dizzying. I don't know who thought up this piece of video nausea, but its interesting to see if you can make it through the whole way. And if so, how many times can you watch it before you get sick. I think we should turn this into the next viral internet game. You and friends all sit around, drinking or not, and play this over and over and watch as your friends drop like flies. Last one watching wins the pot. And the rest win their lunch for the second time. Enjoy! But beware, you will get dizzy at some point.

So here's where we need your help. We can obviously make this into a drinking game, but we need to set the rules. So everybody comment below about what rules we should set for our new game, and how hardcore we enforce them.