Rob Zombie has continued his dabbling in commercials recently with a new ad out for Amdro Ant Block. It’s his third commercial for the company, with each of them on the creepy side.

This time it’s a woman who’s being driven crazy by the ants in her house, writing down “The ants go marching” over and over on paper. Luckily for this woman, Amdro Ant Block can save the day.

With movies under his belt, it’s no surprise that Zombie would take a stab at commercials. He says:

For one thing, they're quick. They don't involve a lot of your time. And it's such a good way to keep up sort of your directing chops in a way, because, you know, a lot of times with movies, you make a movie and then years might go by before you get back behind the camera to make the next movie, and that's always been kind of jarring to me. So it's nice if, you know, every couple of months or something, you can shoot a TV commercial just to sort of stay in the groove.

Zombie is also trying his hand at a sports film with the flick Broad Street Bullies, about the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team back in the 1970’s. The team was infamous at the time for racking up points and penalties. At this time there’s no word on when that film is expected to hit theaters.

Before we see that film, Zombie’s movie Lords of Salem is expected to come out later this year. It’s about a 300-year-old coven of witches seeking revenge on modern-day Salem.

For now, you can sit back and enjoy the Amdro ad, with its decidedly crazy chick. What do you think?