I’ve never been in court for criminal charges, but if I were to walk into a court room to defend myself against felony charges, chances are I’d choose my outfit carefully. For a man in Florida, that wasn’t the case. When he went to court last Friday, facing drug charges, he wore what has been dubbed the “Crack Jacket.”

The unidentified man’s white coat revealed cartoon drawings depicting how to make the illegal substance, complete with a recurring phrase saying, “stack paper say nothing,” in reference to making money. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported:

Follow the recipe from sleeve to incriminating sleeve and you'll find how to mix up white powder with a spoon, add baking soda, cook over a kettle and -- voilà -- a concoction that could land you in jail for several years.

While it’s true the court can’t get on this guy for his fashion choices, I doubt it sat well with a judge. Unless, of course, he or she couldn’t make out what the cartoons were from a distance. Either way, it was a bold and moronic move.

Have you ever been to court? Did you dress up?