An old person randomly dying in Florida is nothing new, but having your corpse mistaken for a mannequin only happens every now and then.

61-year-old Ronald Benjamin was performing his usual task at his seniors’ apartment complex job early Tuesday morning when he stumbled across what looked like a dead body lying on a patio. Now Tuesday was April Fools’ Day, so his mistake is kind of understandable.

Benjamin thought that the body was in fact a mannequin that someone had left there as a prank. So with a little help he managed to pick the body/mannequin up and toss it into the dumpster.

After a few hours, some of his more mentally stable co-workers showed up to work and discovered the body, which turned out to be a little old lady that, until VERY recently, had called the apartments her home.

Benjamin claims that the body weighed almost nothing, which isn't surprising since old people only go to Florida to die. He also stated that he saw what he thought looked like blood, but assumed it was all part of the joke.

It turns out that what Benjamin thought was a mannequin, was actually a 96-year-old woman who had jumped to her death from the 16th floor earlier that night.

They later found her suicide note in her room, which seems kind of pointless for a woman her age to write. What else could she possibly have to say that she didn't say in the first 96 years of her life?

Meanwhile, Benjamin was fired from his job, but told local reporters "I'm telling you, I swear to God, the face looked like a rubber mask.  If I thought for one instant it was a real person I would've called the police, my manager, everyone."

Hopefully the job market isn't too rough on Benjamin. Heck, he may even be able to claim that newly available room in the apartment complex he used to work at if he decides to play the 'I'm really old' card.