During a recent traffic stop in China, police pulled over a car filled with cute, fuzzy animals that the driver claimed were puppies, but what's really in the car will leave you in stunned silence.

It started out just like any other Chinese traffic stop for Wu Meng, until the police asked him why there were twenty-two furry animals running wild inside his car. Meng responded by telling them that they were a rare breed of dog that he had just purchased.

Now if it was your average American cop, I feel they would have been able to tell that these were not puppies, but a whole lot of baby bears. But the Chinese cops didn't catch on so quickly.

Instead, the police packed up all of the cubs and sent them to a vet, which then confirmed that they were in fact, baby bears.

So what was Meng doing with all of those bears? It turns out he's an animal smuggler, and he was more than likely transporting the bears to a city in south China where their gall bladders would be used in some kind of weird, Chinese medicine.

Luckily the bears were found before they reached their destination, where the process to retrieve what is needed for the medicine would basically torture the bear to death.

They are currently in a wild animal park getting all the attention a baby bear needs. You can check out some of the pictures from this big bear bust here.