When we have a cell phone that isn’t working, it’s frustrating. We’ll tell our friends and family about how awful the phone is and call the phone company to complain, but none of us would call 911 to report our cell phone troubles. For one man in Illinois, when his iPhone wasn’t working, he did just that. He called 911 to complain.

Michael Alan Skopec was angry about his phone not working, but when he called the police to lament to them, he didn’t just do it once. He called five times.

Naturally police were sent to his house to investigate, and when they got there Skopec wouldn’t comply with their orders. As a result, he was arrested and charged with resisting a peace officer.

You know, I sold cell phones for seven years. I understand how irate people get when their phone isn’t working, and I know how frustrating it is for me when my own isn’t working. But does anyone remember a time when – gasp – there were no cell phones? We just had to get through the night without communication and go to the phone company the next day!

Because of his actions, I’m giving Michael Skopec my moron of the week badge.

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