There is less than a week before Super Bowl XLVII and Madden, the video game not the person, has made it's prediction. But how accurate is it? Madden has correctly predicted seven of the last nine Super Bowls, only getting it wrong in 2008, when the Giants upset the Patriots and in 2011, when Pittsburgh lost to Green Bay.

The team at EA Sports, the developers of Madden, ran the simulation only once with updated rosters using your normal Madden '13 settings and fifteen minute quarters and they predict a final score of 27-24, with the Ravens handing the 49ers their first ever Super Bowl loss and picking up their second championship. You can read about the simulated game and how it all went down Here.

I'm picking the Raven's and I've been cheering them on ever since the Cowboys made it clear they weren't going to be in the playoffs. It would be pretty cool if the real game ended just like the simulated version, with Ray Lewis blitzing Colin Kaepernick, forcing an interception by Ed Reed in the final seventeen seconds of the fourth quarter, which you can check out below.

Now Madden isn't the only machine to predict the Super Bowl. The website predicts that the 49ers will win. They ran the simulation between the two teams 50,000 times and the 49ers won 66.9% of the time. So who's right? I guess we will just have to wait till Sunday to figure that out.