Can a video game accurately predict the Super Bowl winner? Actually, if history shows us anything Madden is usually right.

The only football video game out there is Madden and one thing the guys over at EA like to do every year is simulate the Super Bowl. Over the past ten years the guys have correctly picked the winner of the Super Bowl eight times. Two times Madden has not correctly picked the winner. One of the games was Super Bowl XLV where Madden predicted Steelers, 24, Packers, 20. The actual score was Steelers 25 and Packers 31. The only other time was Super Bowl XLII where Madden predicted Patriots 38, Giants 30. The actual score was Patriots 14 and Giants 17.

Every other year Madden has correctly picked the winner of the Super Bowl and if this simulation is going to be correct prepare for a crazy Super Bowl. Madden has the game going into overtime with the Broncos wining by a field goal. Well, we will see what happens this Sunday. Now if Madden could switch the running game back to the way it was last year because my roommate keeps winning.

Check Out the Madden Simulation Below: