Linkin Park has a new video for their song “Lost In The Echo,” and it’s giving fans a whole new interactive experience. The song comes from their most recent album called Living Things, and if you allow the band access to your Facebook page, you become part of the action.


Mike Shinoda said this about the concept behind the video:

Music videos haven't really gone any place last few years . . . Sure, you had the OK Go kind of thing a few years ago. The K-pop thing that's been going on. You know, funny, interesting viral stuff we all like to watch. But we wanted something really different, we wanted to seriously mess with the format and how the visuals are delivered.

People in the video are looking at a series of photographs, which is where your Facebook photos come in to play. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick those photos, so some of the “joke” pics that I’ve been tagged in ended up being featured when I logged in. When I went back a second time, some of those pictures had changed.

Regardless of whether or not they are your most flattering photos, it’s still a great concept that gets fans involved in the video. You can see a preview below, or click here to see the full interactive video.