A California 3-year-old got his hands on his grandmother’s pot brownies the other day, and spent the next three days sleeping it off.

The family is unidentified at this point, but they’re saying that the woman has a prescription for medical marijuana and had made the cookies to help her sleep. They were made with THC oil and had been tucked away in a garage refrigerator.

Clearly they weren’t hidden too well, because when the kid went looking for a treat, he certainly got one.

An ambulance was called the following day when they couldn’t wake the tot, who had been sleeping for over 16 hours. He was taken to the hospital and toxicology tests were run.

It’s been a while since I had a 3-year-old running around my house, but I remember keeping tabs on my kid when he was younger. Not only did this kid make his way into the garage, but he had time to eat potentially a few of these cookies while nobody was watching. That doesn’t mean the grandma isn’t a good caregiver, because kids are sneaky, but if this kid could get away with the cookies, he could probably get away with sipping vodka out of the flask in the office.

What kind of stuff did you get away with when you were a kid?