Where is somewhere people crave cookies? Little girl, you have a bright future ahead of you for coming up with this idea. 

Girl scout cookies are addicting. If I see a box of Samoas, they're getting bought and going into my belly. The key with selling your girl scout cookies, is location, location, location. I see a lot of girls in Texoma outside of grocery stores. This girl in Portland, had the greatest location she could think of.

Outside of a marijuana dispensary. The place, appropriately named, Foster Buds, was happy to have the girl scout and her aunt there. An employee said she was happy to help the girl raise her money. The girl scout troop is currently raising money for a trip to horse camp.

The Girl Scouts of America did not condone this, but it's not against any rules. A spokesperson said that they "recommend that if a minor cannot enter a premises unaccompanied, she should not sell Girl Scout Cookies in front of the premises."

I say keep selling them little girl. You and your aunt had a great idea. It's working, raising money for your troop. Plus, who wouldn't want girl scout cookies to help with their munchies?