It takes a special person to inspire a ton of people to get up and do something, and Jessie Brashear is apparently that kind of person.  After Jessie's recent tragedy, friends, family and many others have pressed forward non-stop working together in support of this rock'n'roll drummer, most recently of Twicebroken.

This benefit kicks off tomorrow, Saturday July 15, at Sonic on Kemp in Wichita Falls and here's how it works:  starting at 7am, volunteers will be running food and drinks to customers of Sonic all day until 6pm.  100% of the tips to the volunteer carhops will go to Jessie and his family.

What you need to do:  SHOW UP, buy a drink, a burger, some fries or more and then tip whatever you can!

Next Friday, July 22, at Iron Horse Pub will be the benefit show featuring Twicebroken, It Hurts To Be Dead, Roselawn, The Disco Rico, James Cook and The Audacity, White Knuckle and Your Mom...oh wait, she's not playing, she's just going to be there, nevermind.

Special thanks to Melissa Reynolds and Megan Neff for getting me the information about Sonic!