Most men shy away from the idea of having makeup put on their face, and I don’t blame them. Unless you’re dressed up as a woman or doing a stage performance, I tend to do a double take when I see a guy wearing eyeliner. It’s not that I don’t approve of it, but society doesn’t expect that a man would be wearing makeup to head to WalMart for cookie dough. Some men actually look better with some color to the cheeks or mascara to pronounce the lashes, and Jenna Marbles wanted to find out if her boyfriend was one of them.

Well really, it wasn’t that she wanted to find out as much as she was seeking revenge. A few weeks ago Jenna did a video where her boyfriend did her makeup, and he did a terrible job.

What many men don’t understand is that doing one’s makeup takes practice, patience, and skill. Try working with liquid eyeliner or an eye shadow brush for the first time. It’s not as easy as you might think.

How did Jenna do? Guys, would you let your wife or girlfriend do makeup on you?

***Jenna and Max are saying pretty much whatever is on their mind, including the F-bomb. If you're offended by such language, don't say I didn't warn you.***