With the Zombie Apocalypse looming, it only makes sense that we make friends with our undead brethren. One such zombie is A. Zombie, who began his presidential campaign this past week in San Diego.

I was intrigued when I heard about this because people are strange enough to actually try stunts like this, but as it turns out, the “campaign” is put on by AMC in preparation of the third season of The Walking Dead, which hits airwaves in October. The network launched a different project recently, unleashing zombies on New York City by placing zombies in regular jobs, but in a zombie state.

Regardless of the fact that he’s not running an actual campaign, A. Zombie still has a platform and is talking to the dozens as he makes his way across the country.

Because zombies have a hard time speaking and don’t say much beyond “Aaaarrrgh,” Zombie’s wife has been speaking for him. When asked about healthcare, he replied with the standard “Aargh!” which his wife translated:

My husband says that health care is a very important issue to him, primarily because it's almost impossible to get health care as a zombie. Even if you do get a policy, it carries a $10 million deductible. Last year, my husband had a hang nail and the co-payment was $85,000. That's why he's a proponent of 'ZombieCare.’

Zombie’s platform goes beyond healthcare, with issues such as voter ID laws, immigration, and bath salts. What does he think about the street drug? His wife again translated:

My husband is not exactly for bath salts. He had a very unfortunate incident with the real bath salts. They stung badly so it's a subject he'd rather not get into.

Even though the stunt is more about excitement for The Walking Dead and a campaign to get AMC back on Dish Network, it’s still a fun campaign. When there are so many shows to watch each fall, muddling through them and finding the series that you want to stick to can be hard. AMC is doing a genius job of keeping people talking about their show and making us look forward to the next season.

Check out the A. Zombie for President website here.

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