You would think that the guy that is an all around bad ass on the 'Walking Dead' would not be scared by a prank, turns out he jumps like anyone else during these pranks.

The guys from 'Walking Dead' are over in Japan promoting the show and they decided to do a prank involving Nick Santonastasso. Nick enjoys dressing up like a zombie and scaring the crap out of people and who better to scare than Daryl from the 'Walking Dead.' Now Daryl only jumped a bit, but you can tell for a second he was legitimately freaked out.

I am so far behind on the Walking Dead, I just finished season three. I know the show is starting back up in February and I may need to binge watch some episodes so I can finally catch up. Also, if you think being behind on the 'Walking Dead' is bad, I still haven't finished 'Breaking Bad.'

Watch Norman Reedus Get Scared by a Zombie Below: