Don’t let anyone spoil this movie for you, and this article will have no spoilers in it.  I can only tell you that this movie is above and beyond most anything ever made.  The fact is, it references most everything ever made.  The problems with the previews is that since this whole movie is a twist, they can’t really tell you to much about what is going on.  More after the jump:

I think I have a good way to sum things up for you, without spoiling a thing. Right now you think it’s about a group of college kids going to a “cabin in the woods” and then bad things happen.  Well you are partially correct.  Where this movie is different is you find out “why” the bad things happen and for “what” purpose.  I know the temptation is there to wait for this on video, but you don’t want the movie spoiled for you during the wait and there’s also some very cool “screen filling” scenes on the big screen!  In fact, if you can resist, don’t even watch the movie trailer, just go straight to the movie the minute you get a chance. Anyone even remotely interested in this movie will love it, and the more horror movies you’ve seen in your life, the more you will love it.  It’s got it all, comedy, horror, various monsters, sex and so on!  Enjoy!