Quick load up the Griswald clan in the truckster and prepare them for an iconic road trip. You will have a few more weeks to ride the roller coaster that the family was on.

'National Lampoons Vacation' is one of my favorite comedies. When I was a kid we used to drive from Maryland to Illinois every year to go see my family. Along the way, my dad would want to stop at all the tourist crap that's along the journey. A lot of the worlds largest something places. Needless to say every time I am on a road trip I think of that movie.

Well the rollar coaster that the family rides at the end will be shutting down August 16th. It is actually at Six Flags Magic Mountain, not Wally World. Also it is not called the Screamy Menny, it is actually called Collosus. "Colossus, the king of wooden coasters, ends its 36-year reign on August 16," Magic Mountain spokesperson Sue Carpenter said in a statement. "Six Flags Magic Mountain will announce exciting future plans for the park we think our guests will love at a later date. In the meantime, don’t miss your last chance to ride Colossus."

Check Out the Coaster in Action During National Lampoons Vacation Below:

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