If they are on a first date I can assure you a second date would not be happening.

In my time going to sporting events I have unfortunately spilled some beer on people. I always feel terrible for it, but in the heat of the moment cheering some beer gets spilled from time to time. However, when I have taken dates to sporting events I have never spilled a beer on them. I know I would never hear the end of it. "Great, now I am going to smell like Zigenbock the rest of the night," is what the girl would probably say.

Unfortunately for this guy he decided to go for a foul ball and in the process got beer all over his dates arm. In his head I am sure he was thinking that she would love this ball and it could help him seal the deal tonight. Looks like any hopes he had at getting laid that night went out the window because she looks pissed.

Watch this Guy Spill Beer All Over His Date Below: