The purpose of the Golden Spork is to honor the best of the best in Fast Food. For example, I don't believe one hamburger can rule them all, I want to honor all of the hamburgers that rule. I only want to point out the "gotta try/gotta have" items at each place.

With that out of the way, ,my first Golden Spork goes to:

Popeye's Red Beans and Rice!

You bet, this is why I invented this. You can debate all day who has the best chicken (and you can have several winners as well), but the best of the best at Popeyes and the reason I turn into their drive in is the red beans and rice. The beans and rice is such a cool choice to have on the side menu and they seem to always be perfect. The only complaint I have is that what they call a large is what I call a snack. A large is just a little bit bigger than a coffee cup, and you're not going to want to share. Also, if you like hot sauce at all (Tabasco, Lousianna Hot Sauce or the like) you're going to want to add some to the top.