I understand asking "do you want fries with that?" or "did you want something to drink?" because those are easily forgotten items, but I'm tired of being "upsold" at the drive through.

First off, I know you employees don't want to ask me these questions, I can hear it in your voice. The fact is, if I want to try your g@dd@mn fish taco, I'll ask for a fish taco. Who goes to a drive through that doesn't already know what they want? Oh that's right, the person that's ALWAYS IN FRONT OF ME. Now you go and confuse them even further by asking if they want a fish taco. They have to take time to mentally process this. "A taco, with fish? Maybe I do want one" they think while I slam my truck into park. Then comes the process when they ask, "what's in it?. Well my guess is mainly fish, other than that it's anybody's ball game. But this isn't about fish tacos, it's about fast food. I always thought that most fast food joints were blowing it, they shouldn't even bother having "dining rooms" , they just should have two drive-through lanes. If I got time to sit down and eat it's sure not at a place where they give out toys with their meals.

Anyways, here's the clue that even they know how stupid what there doing is; they don't do it when you come inside. Seriously, if you do have the time to go inside, maybe you do have the time to consider an alternative menu choice, but they don't ask you that while you're in there, they only ask when you're in hurry in the drive-through. I think they ask just so they'll shut the hell up so you can get your order quicker. Seriously yesterday, I got asked three questions during my order. Before it was the heinous fish taco question, then after I was asked if I wanted any flavoring in my drink and if I wanted and desert. What I wanted was my two friggin' burritos and to d@ck slap the girl that wouldn't just let me go on with my miserable ass two burrito dinner.

One other thing. What's with the "can I get you to pull up game"? I've heard it's because some of the drive-thrus are on timers and this is the way the employees cheat the system and make the boss think you were quickly served. I understand if the guy behind me is just getting something to drink and I have a large order, but I've been asked to do this numerous times when there was someone behind me. And of course, we were all taught that if we're not nice to the attendant we're going to get a big blob of spit in our food, so we do it. But aren't the bosses up to speed on this process yet?

Now don't write me off as a grumpy guy just picking apart these places. Me and Heathen go out four times a week, and when it's fast food we always thank everybody as we leave. They genuinely seem to appreciate it when two guys tell them they did a good job. It's just something that we go into the habit of doing. We figure we're the first customers of the day and we can get these people off to a good start. So, we're essentially good guys, all I'm asking is, let's stop all the nonsense at the drive-thru. If we're driving through, we know what we want and we want it quick and most of all, I still do not want a f@cking fish taco.