I first posted about this product back in August, but with the holidays upon us, I thought it might be good to remind shoppers of one of the most ridiculous items for sale today - gold pills. The artist behind this concept says that his product will "turn your innermost parts into a chamber of wealth," though he's really just pocketing your green while you fall for a scam. It would be a great gift for the hard-to-buy-for person on your list, however, and it'll make your poo look pretty.

This pill isn’t a new product, in fact it’s been on the market for a few years. Because of its price, however, I’m betting it doesn’t have a huge following. At $425, most of us don’t have the cash to shell out for an indulgence like this. It’s designed to be just that – indulgent.

With no medicinal value at all, the Citizen-Citizen.com website says this about their product:

Analogous to our culture’s obsession with luxury and consumption, these 24K gold leaf capsules turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth. Consume and digest.

After you digest it, where does it end up? Literally flushed down the toilet. Way to spend your money! If I'm going to spend money on something that will simply be flushed down the toilet, I'd prefer it to be beer.

If I had unlimited funds, I might try it anyway, just to say I'd tried it.

Would you pop this pill?