If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with breast implants, the time has come when you don’t have to wonder anymore. The iPhone has released a new application for just $1, and it enables the user to add boobs to anyone.

Honestly, this sounds like the most fun you could have with an app next to Angry Birds. You just find or take a photo of your victim… er, friend, and do a little nip and tuck. Before you know it, the photo smiling back at you could just make the masses jealous.

Perhaps the porn stars with small breasts in Australia should look into this.

Even better, since it’s not just for women, I imagine the possibilities are endless. Say your cat is nonchalantly sitting in the corner. Add boobs! Maybe you’re a farmer and your bull is glaring at you from the pasture. Add boobs! The dude behind you in line who smells like a dead squirrel? Add boobs!

I really wish I had an iPhone.