Sitting in traffic is one of the most boring and most frustrating things and can ruin someone's day.

While you just want to get home after a long day, instead you end ukp waiting in rush hour traffic.

While sitting in traffic, especially rush hour traffic, you can get hungry. That can be a large problem because one doesn't normally don't have food with them at the time.

Apparently this woman had the same issue and couldn't wait until she got home to get something to eat, so she did the thing not many people would think to do; pick her nose and eat what she found in there.

Narrated by someone sitting next to her in traffic, he caught the women shoving her fingers up her nose a number of times, cleaning off her fingers with her mouth each time.

Not only is she doing that, but she is smoking the whole time, too.

Maybe next time, packing a snack or stopping at Burger King before the drive home would be a good idea.

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