Truck Driver Causes Accident While Pulling a Tooth [Video]
It's way too easy to drive distracted these days. Things like food, cell phones and passengers are all temptations to take your attention off the road.
For an Alabama truck driver, a loose tooth was to blame for his distracted-driving disaster, Alabama Live/ reported.
Man Cited for Eating While Driving [Video]
There are plenty of things that you just shouldn't do while driving.
You shouldn't text. You shouldn't (and aren't allowed) to consume alcohol. You probably shouldn't read a book or trim your toenails.
But what about eating while driving? That's OK, right?
Luckily The Blow Up Doll Survived
According to Pennsylvania State Police, a driver was rear-ended last Tuesday, December 28th as he came to an abrupt stop when he saw what he thought was a person lying in the road. As it turns out, the "person" was actually an inflatable doll...