I’ve always thought I’d like a bird. They’re pretty, interesting, and fun when they’re a talking species, but I’ve never wanted the mess that goes along with them. That and my cat would find a way to kill it. Now consumers are treated to Perfect Polly, the life-size parakeet that moves and sings like the real thing! It’s cute until you realize that it’s actually a little creepy, but maybe I’m just creeped out about this family treating it like a real pet.

So what exactly is this bird?

The parakeet is a gorgeous bird and a wonderful companion, but live birds can be a lot of work! Share that beauty without the mess with Perfect Polly, the singing parakeet! Perfect Polly is the motion activated bird that is so lifelike, you will almost believe it's real. Watch Perfect Polly as her head and tail feathers move back and forth, and hear her chirp that is as sweet and beautiful as a real live parakeet. Get all the joy of a feathered companion without the mess or expense of cages, food and accessories. And unlike real birds, you can turn Perfect Polly off with the touch of a button. Enjoy Perfect Polly's company anywhere in the house, and she will be sure to bring joy to the whole family!

While Polly is bringing joy to your kids who can’t have a pet bird, her incessant chirping is sure to give you a migraine and send you on a toy killing spree. In the Perfect Polly commercial, Grandma is hanging out with Polly and loves her singing, but 15 minutes of that and she’ll never sing again. Now the $130 bird cage you bought for your plastic pet will go to waste.

Yet in all fairness it does seem to work well for those who can’t have pets otherwise. This review can be seen on the Perfect Polly Web site:


If I was a kid I would probably love a toy like this, but as an adult I fear it would just annoy me. On the other hand, a part of me wants to buy one just to pass around at parties to test the theory that people treat it like it’s real.